EVM Bridge

EVM Bridge

Any Ethereum transaction is wrapped into a native format. In order to execute a native transaction, someone should pay a fee in a native coin. EVM bridge manages this routine in eth_sendRawTransaction method by wrapping EVM transaction into a native one, paying the native fee, and collecting the EVM fee (gas). The rest of the methods get forwarded to the upstream native RPC as is. This mechanism provides incentives to developers to host independent EVM bridges, improve decentralization and/or serve users of their own dApps.

To run the bridge, provide a path to keypair of fee payer account along with native RPC endpoint, address:port to bind to, and EVM chain id.

evm-bridge keypair.json https://api.testnet.Ethereal.com 111

For testnet, we provide a public evm-bridge, which is located at https://evmexplorer.testnet.Ethereal.com/rpc/

Gas price, and gas limit collecting:

Each evm-bridge sets its own commission while connecting clients pay this commission via gas in EVM transaction. This mechanism serves as an incentive to host your own evm bridge publicly and improve decentralization.

Refer to EtherealNetwork Clusters to get a list of public clusters with their corresponding chain IDs.

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